Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Mach 5 Cleaning offers an exceptional residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We will come to your home or office and make your sure your carpet is dirt and stain free. Our reliable carpet cleaning company is fully qualified and well trained to get any carpet in your home or any employee break room furniture upholstery looking like new.

In most cases, first time carpet cleaning services address carpets that have not been professionally serviced in over 6 months (not typical for most offices due to the increase in foot traffic). Within this amount of time, carpet develops heavy residue of dirt, dust and stains. It can be tough to get these out without the proper tools and materials, but our carpet cleaning company has you covered.

When you depend on our ambitious cleaners, you will immediately be able to see your carpets and furniture upholstery restored. Contact Mach 5 Cleaning in Charlotte, NC today for dependable commercial and residential carpet cleaning!